Alumni Tracer Study

Dear AdZU Alumni, Your former counselors would like to know how we were able to help you get and maintain your jobs. We are undertaking a tracer survey to get this information from you. Please answer this short survey. Your doing so will help us very much in improving our services for future Atenistas. Thank you very much!


1. Name (for married graduates, please specify maiden name when you were in ADZU)



If YES proceed to Question 17 and the subsequent questions. If NEVER EMPLOYED, answer Question
If NOT EMPLOYED NOW, proceed to Q 23- 25.

16. Please state the reason(s) why you are not yet employed. You may check more than one answer.

If YES, 21. What are your reason(s) for staying on the job? You may check more than one answer.

If NO, please answer question no. 22 and 23

22. What were your reason(s) for changing job? You may check more than one answer.

25. If NO, what were your reasons for accepting the job? You may check more than one answer

Please rate the following items according to how well you agree with each. Use the scale below:
1   Strongly Agree
2   Agree
3   Disagree
4   Strongly Disagre

Please answer the following questions:

Thank you for taking time out to fill out this questionnaire. Being an AdZU Alumni,
please list down the names of other graduates (especially in SY 2004-2008) whom
you know including their addresses, e-mails and contact numbers. Their participation
is also needed.

Type the characters you see in the picture below

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