Jolito S. Dumadag

Vice President of Global Source To Pay, Deutsche Bank, Florida, USA

BS Computer Science 2001

Briefly describe the work that you do now?

I am a supply chain purchasing professional currently working for a global investment bank. My current primary role is to manage a Procure-To-Pay application/system that my company uses to purchase goods and services, to process approvals, and to process invoices and payments. I also manage a team of analysts and outsourced resources who run the product on a regular basis. I also manage and lead product deployments and system releases.


What is the relationship between your work now and what you studied in college?

My current role is mostly related to my major in college. I'm primarily involved in System Design Life Cycle which includes system analysis, design, testing and implementation. As a Computer Science major this area was the primary focus of my studies.


What was your course and why did you choose it?

BS Computer Science. I wanted to take BS Accountancy to become a Certified Public Accountant which was my childhood dream but the Pepsi-Cola scholarship required me to take Computer Science, so I did it. But looking back, it was a great choice. 


Describe yourself as an ATENEO student.

I was a scholar and had to maintain my high grades. Therefore, I had to spend most of my time studying, doing my homework and programming assignments, reading my lessons in advance so I can actively participate in the classroom discussions. Sports and dating were not my thing!


Describe ATENEO during your time there as a student.

ATENEO was focused on great quality education and service to the young, the future of the country. I liked the fact that ATENEO really emphasized the importance of education and helped a lot of poor students complete their education through scholarships and working student programs.


What is the best thing about being an ADZU graduate?

To me ATENEO means guaranteed success in one’s career and a bright future.


Name three people from ATENEO who made an impact on you – classmates, friends, teachers, etc. why.

There were so many but the people who made the greatest impact were Mr. Shing Balatbat and his staff at that time for granting me the Pepsi-Cola scholarship, Fr. Denny Toledo, SJ for all the challenging CS assignments, and Mrs. Claribel Concepcion for the great English lessons. If not because of her giving me 87 in my English class, I would have graduated Summa Cum Laude! Great class and teacher nevertheless!


Favorite teacher? Why?

Engr. Aldrina Hitalia. She was one of the smartest and one of the greatest physicists. And most of all she knows how to appreciate her student's hard work.


Favorite subject? Why?

Mathematics. I was simply was born with it. For me it was the easiest subject from grade school to college. It made my mind really work!


Favorite after class-hours activity/hangout?

Hanging out with my study group and friends: Carlo, Mark, Fardeck, Kathy, Jamie, Kathleen, Clari & Jessy.


Orgs while at school.

Bytes Society, Society of Ateneo Scholars.


What do you know now that you wish you knew then?

Since moving to the USA, my knowledge in many aspects really expanded from technology to investments to current events and so on. If I knew all these, I would have been a much smarter student.


What are the three things most important to you now?

Family, Career and Service to others. Mastering golf is #4 :)


What do you do for fun now?

I love to play golf.


Describe Zamboanga then.

Zamboanga was a beautiful city, relatively safe and for me one of the first two cities that I've been to at 16 years of age! Zamboanga was an opportunity.



ADZU 15 Questions is a Q & A series with ADZU alumni. As you can already guess, alumni will be asked 15 questions about their present lives as well as their lives during their time as an ADZU student.


This interview was conducted by ADZU communications officer Yen Blanco-Delgado via email correspondence over the summer term 2015.


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