Lenin W. Gan

BC Computer Engineering 2007


Lenin Gan is the chief executive of one of the most successful computer retailers in the Zamboanga Peninsula. It is a family-owned business that sells computers and peripherals as retailer and wholesaler.

In three sentences of less, describe the work that you do now.

For now, I have my own business and so far it is doing well. Yes, I’m am happy to be where we are right now. As the head of the business, I also feel pressured.


What kind of a student were you while you were at ADZU?

While in ADZU, I was a typical student who just wanted to finish college. I chose courses in which my friends were also enrolled.


What was your favorite subject and why?

Generally, I like subjects where there was no memorization needed, only technique. Though I can say I am not an achiever when it comes academics and sports.


I had a question about your favorite place to hang out in college. Do you want to answer that?

I usually go where my friends are. No specific places.


What was your course and why did you choose it?


My first course was BS Management Information System, then BS Computer Engineering. I chose this because my friends were also there.


Is the course helpful to you now in the work that you do?

I had no knowledge as to where this course will take me in the future. I finished BS Computer Engineering and now in my work, I am still dealing with computers. Basically, it helped me. But what actually helped me is that ADZU molded me to become a better me.


Can you remember a project or an activity that is very memorable to you?

For the project or activity that is memorable to me, I think I cannot remember any of these anymore. During that time, maybe I was already busy doing business with my friends (laughs).


What is your advice to students now taking the same course?

To students, my advice is to not stop exploring ourselves. Even after college, it doesn’t mean (the course) we have taken should also be the one we will (practice) in our future. It is for us to see and develop our potential.


If you can go back in time and be an ADZU student again, what would you do differently?

If I am to be an ADZU student again, I would still want to be the person I was then, which (was someone who) did not worry about the future. Instead I let my future take care of itself.


Name three persons at ADZU who made an impact on your life. They can be friends, classmates, teachers, others.

Eugene Kanindot , Francis Llenado, Fr. Salvador Wee SJ, and Julius Sumayo.


What is the most important lesson you learned at ADZU?

The most important lesson I learned is that life must go on. We cannot bring back our past, what we have on our past will help us to become a strong person.


What organizations were you a part of in college?

Haven't join any organizations during college.


Do you agree with the new uniform policy for male college students? Why or why not.

As of now, I am not updated with the uniform policy for male college students.


Can you describe briefly your current work (computer retailing)?


Current work- we are engaged on i.t. and mobile retail since May 2007. Currently, we have 7 branches. Work is fun and sometimes a little pressured. Well, work will become fun if we think not only for ourselves but for the betterment of others (family, colleagues, clients, etc.). This will encourage us more to work.


Do you love your job? Why?

Of course I love my work.


What do you do for fun now?


I usually go my own exercise such as running, biking, gym, these are my hobby. I love doing these, only finding time to make this exercise a little bit difficult for me.


What are the three most important things in your life now?


Family, friends, health.


Can you name at least one other Ateneo graduate whom you admire?


 Chino Atilano.



ADZU 15 Questions is a Q & A series with ADZU alumni. As you can already guess, alumni will be asked 15 questions about their present lives as well as their lives during their time as an ADZU student.


This interview was conducted by ADZU communications officer Lenin W. Gan via Facebook chat on April 16-17, 2015.


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