Mark Anthony Cabilo

BS Electronics and Communications Engineering / Technical Member

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Radyo Mo Nationwide (RMN DXRZ 900)

RMN is a radio company which commits to uphold their brand of excellence and continuously strive to provide the most comprehensive media service to our listeners and the best creative advertising to our clientele.

Their AM stations deliver public service that is truly responsive and results-oriented while their FM stations provide happy entertainment to its listeners.


Familiarize with the equipments used in radio station, TV broadcasting, and transmitter; Observe the operation of the TV and radio broadcasting studios; monitoring radio transmitter



I acquired insights on radio operation and having hands-on experience with common radio station equipments. At the same time, I learn the value of loving your work at the same time. Enjoying while working is a good way to excel at your work. I don't have to be too competitive but the quality of work is still good once you love your work.

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