Hectmayr Flores

Flores HectmayrI am Hectmayr Tangkay Flores, born on July 31, 1992. Currently, my parents are both self-employed with a family business trucking services. This business all started when my father worked for a company as a driver. With his hard work, he slowly developed a business as soon as he received his separation pay. We are five in the family and I am the eldest among the siblings. I have a brother who is also an engineering student and a sister who is a graduating high school student.

Since elementary, I have been a consistent honor student. I used to represent my schools (elementary, high school and college) for different competitions. Currently, I am a graduating student in Ateneo de Zamboanga University and enjoyed my 5 years with the benefits of being an Ateneo Blue Eagle Scholar.

I worked as an intern in KEPCO SPC Power Corporation last May and June 2013. I used to go with my senior engineers as an assistant during their patrol checking, site monitoring and troubleshooting aside from my daily task of arranging documents in our office. As a student, I have experienced hard jobs, too. I used to work for our family business as cargo carrier/ laborer during deliveries. There are also days that I worked as a checker for goods that are delivered to merchandises both in our city and outside. In college, I used to be a Math tutor for high school students and this lasted for three years. Currently, I am a blogger in Bubblews.com and earn good pay from this site.

I am a public speaker and I consider this as one of my best skills. I have always been assigned as the leader of different group activities until such time that I have been frequently elected as President in different clubs and organizations. I have good leadership skills and I know how to handle people and make them follow.

To know more about my skills and achievements, you may download my resume. Please click here.

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