Rayfford Mondejar

Mondejar RayffordI am Rayfford Gatab Mondejar, born on February 19, 1993. I was raised by a retired-soldier- father and my mother who is currently a grade/high school prinsipal of a public school in Zamboanga.

As a child I saw myself bringing the term "determination" with me. I once dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player, yet fate cut the bridge of hope for me. I broke my right arm and had to undergo surgery. After a few months of recovery, I never gave up and still tried to get back up. I still wanted to be one of the best players in school but I guess that's the end for my dream.

One day, maturity finally entered my life as I was about to enter college and started dreaming of the real thing-- BEING AN ENGINEER. I did not have to break more bones; I just had to burn some more midnight candles.

Now, I am a few steps away from my dreams. Thanks to my bestfriend-- "determination".

To know more about my skills and achievements, you may download my resume. Please click here.

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