Computer Engineer

Technical Skills

Communications Skills (Oral and Written) 

Able to design a circuit using EAGLE

Able to assemble a computer unit and install OS and software

Able to create an Android application using Eclipse

Able to design and model a 2d and 3d object using AutoCAD

Logic Circuits using Logisim 

Webpage using Adobe DreamWeaver

Basic Networking using Cisco Packet Tracer

Basic Electronics Skills
* Etching
* Soldering

Oriented in Microsoft Office applications such as:
* Microsoft Office Word 
* Microsoft Office Excel 
* Microsoft Office PowerPoint 

Programing software using: 
* C++ Language 
* C Language
* Basic Assembly Language 
* Java Programming Language

Programming microcontrollers 
* Zilog Z8F042A
* Zilog Z8F6421 
* Gizduino+
* Gizduino v3 (Arduino Uno clone)