Kisar Rauf Magno Samsuya

“Our technology tomorrow will depend heavily on our innovation today. Let us open our minds and work not only for our future, but mankind's future...”

Name: Kisar Rauf Magno Samsuya

Address: PPA Staff house, Port Area, Zamboanga City


Nationality: Filipino

Marital Status: Single

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: September 09, 1992

Language/Dialects known:

  • English

  • Filipino

  • Chavacano

  • Bisaya

  • Tausug

Place of birth: Jolo, Sulu


Oriented in Microsoft Office applications such as:



Microsoft Office Word



Microsoft Office Excel



Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Able to set – up a computer system

Hardware and Software installation

Capable of creating and editing video, picture, files and presentation using different Microsoft Application

Programming using:



C++ Language



C Language



Assembly Language




Programming microcontrollers






Gizduino v1.0.3 (Arduino Uno clone)

Basic Electronics



Circuit simulation using Multisim



Schematic Diagram and PCB lay – outing using EAGLE

Logic Circuit using Logisim




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