Kisar Rauf Magno Samsuya

“Our technology tomorrow will depend heavily on our innovation today. Let us open our minds and work not only for our future, but mankind's future...”

Career Objective

As an Electronics Engineer, it is my obligation to maintain and improve the technology and science behind my course. To further improve the efficiency of electronics and find ways for mankind to benefit further from it.

For myself, I would like to further increase my knowledge not only on our course, but other related matters as well. By doing so, I can be a better asset for my employer as well as improve myself as a person.

What can I do?

My experiences thus far has made me capable of being an asset to any company in need of an Electronics engineer. During my school days as well my training I have:

  • Gained sufficient theoretical as well as experimental knowledge regarding the subject matter.
  • Gained practical skills that will prove to be useful whether in a controlled environment or out in the field.
  • Basic knowledge in using equipments, devices and instruments related to the subject matter.
  • Able to conduct and finish scientific researches and feasibility studies.
  • Gained sufficient social training that allows me to work well with others and as a team.

What's new: