Memos Year-End Message

31 March 2017



The school year 2016-2017 has been momentous, for it is during this time that we welcomed a new member to our University community, the Senior High School. It also marked the culmination of the 2012-2016 Strategic Plan and the commencement of a new one --- the University Strategic Plan 2017-2022

It was very challenging as well due to the July 07 fire, and reminiscent of my first year as President which coincided with the Zamboanga Siege of 2013. However, the fire also proved to be serendipitous because it gave us the opportunity to address some of our long-standing facility- needs. Thus, through the generosity of our mission partners, benefactors, alumni and friends, we have begun the construction of the Senior High School Building and renovation and retrofitting of Sauras Hall. 


Like the fire and the siege, there will be many more challenges that will test our resolve, our resilience, our Animo as we pursue our goals in the service of our mission, but I believe we shall overcome them too. I am confident that AdZU will emerge from any challenge stronger, more resolute and with greater passion for our mission because of the dedication, hard work and sacrifice of each member of our University community.


At the close of this school year, let me offer my warmest congratulations and my deepest gratitude to everyone behind the success of our graduation and completion ceremonies: the academic units headed by their Principals and Deans, and the Academic Vice President; the GS/HS/CO Registrar’s Offices; and, the Central Services units, especially the Physical Plant Office and the University Security Office. I thank, too, the faculty and formators for your valuable contribution to the growth and development of our students. 


As I look forward to the coming school year with hope and appreciation of your continued commitment to our University’s mission, I also look back to my first term of office with much gratitude for your unwavering and wholehearted support. As I have said in the past, my work as President has been bearable because you all share the burden. 


Muchas gracias a todos! 

University President

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