Memos Strategic Plan Guidelines

03 April 2017



I thank everyone for the cooperation and contribution to the strategic planning process which began with the university-wide small-group strategic planning conversations held from November 2015 to March 2016 and culminated in the two-part Strategic Planning Conference in May 2016.


The results, comments and feedback from these activities were consolidated into the AdZU Strategic Plan 2017-2022 (see ANNEX A), which will serve us our guide to synergize our efforts in carrying out our vision and mission. 


The next step is to operationalize the University Strategic Plan. This will be done by planning units. A planning unit is the group or body that will translate the AdZU Strategic Plan 2017-2022 or ADZUSTRATPLAN17/22 into operational terms relevant to the group or body. It will be as follows:


1.      Each office and center of Central Services 

2.      For the Grade School, Junior High School, Senior High School:

                    2.1.          Each academic department

                    2.2.         Each office and center

3. For the Colleges:

                    3.1.            Each School and College (including graduate programs)

                    3.2.       Each office 

4. For the School of Medicine and College of Law: 

                    4.1.        Dean and faculty


To facilitate this process, the Guidelines for Planning (see ANNEX B) is provided.  The resulting output shall be the framework for reports submitted to the Office of the President for the Regular Meetings of the AdZU Board of Trustees. It will track the progress of planning units, and the University as a whole. Labeled as [Name of the Planning Unit]OPLAN17/22, it  will be the template for plans, actions, programs, and activities of the Planning Unit beginning school year 2017-2018. It will also serve as the template for the Planning Unit’s implementation of ADZUSTRATPLAN17/22 and the basis for monitoring and evaluation. The detailed guidelines for monitoring and evaluation will be given later. 


With your support, AdZU will reach even greater heights. Thus, let us #rise together as a University toward our ADZUSTRATPLAN17/22.


Thank you very much. 

University President

MEMO 16-17:47

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