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Grade School Library

Rules and Regulations

In order to perform its function to the satisfaction of all its clientele, the library needs your cooperation in observing the following rules:

  1. Silence – silence is really necessary in a library for a better reading enjoyment and better concentration.
  2. Eating, playing are not allowed in the library.
  3. Books should not be returned to their shelves but left on the tables to avoid their being misplaced.
  4. Every user is expected to push back the chairs against the table before leaving the library.
  5. Use of identification cards
    a. A property validated identification card must be presented at the Circulation counter whenever a library material is called for. The System in loaning and returning of books is through the use of the Library automated circulation.

Borrowing Procedure

  • Grade I -- two easy picture book
  • Grade II -- one fiction and one non – fiction books
  • Grade III -- two non – fiction and one fiction books
  • Grade IV, V& VI -- two fictions and two non – fiction books

Non – fiction books -- 3 days renewable for another 3 days, unless wanted by another user.
Fiction books -- 1 week renewable for another week unless wanted by another user.
Easy or picture books -- 1 week and renewable for another week.

Fines and Penalties

  1. A list of students who have overdue books and unpaid fines are posted at the library bulletin board.
  2. Fiction and non – fiction books. P 0.50 per day excluding Sundays and Holidays.
  3. Borrowers assure full responsibilities for the books they charged. Lost books must be replaced.
  4. In the case of loses, the borrower is required to inform the librarian at once. If there’s no notice given to the librarian, fines shall be charged after the due date.
  5. Students caught stealing or destroying books are subject to disciplinary action.
  6. Library materials are for everybody’s use. Please take good care of them. Keep them unmarked with pencil and ink, inserting thick materials between pages is prohibited for it can easily damage the book.

Grade School AVR

The Grade School audiovisual is one of the units of the IMC. It houses and circulates audiovisual materials and equipment for instructional purposes.

General Policies

  1. The use of audiovisual facilities and resources shall be restricted to the school personnel on official business and to faculty members for educational and other related activities.
  2. The persons or entity applying for a permit and whoever recommends the approval of the application shall assumed, jointly with the parties represented, full responsibility to the school for any financial obligation, claims or damages directly or indirectly from the use of the facilities and resources.
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