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Search Tips:

This feature helps you search through the library collection catalogue of the Grade School, High School and College Libraries. You search by typing in keywords, subject words or phrases, author names or title keywords or phrases. The search is not case-sensitive.

Tips on searching by:

For Keyword Search, type in the keyword or phrase in the text box provided. Keyword is selected by default. You may click the Search button or press Enter. Keyword search will look for matches in all the records and displays the matches.

Sample Entry: haven
Sample Results:

Title: A History of modern criticism: 1750-1950
Author: Wellek, Rene
Publication: 1965 by Rene Wellek.-- New Haven.-- Yale University Press,
Physical Description: v, 671p.: 24 cm.
Subject: Literature - History and criticism.
Call Number: CO 801.95 W459 1965
Number of copies: 1

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For Title Search, type in the title or a phrase from the title in the text box. Choose Title from the drop-down list box and click Search. Title search will look for matches in the title records of the collection.

Sample Entry: Haven
Sample Results:

Title: AIDS - what you haven't been told
Physical Description: Article
Subject: AIDS (Disease).
Call Number: ML/VF 005.9
Number of copies: 1

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For Author Search, type in the name or part of the name of the author and choose Author in the selection. Click Search. Author Search will look for matches in the list of author names. It assumes that the entry is either the complete search entry or part of the whole search entry. If there are no matches found, you may change the order of the looked-up name using the following search format:

- Shakespeare, William [note the use of comma]
- William Shakespeare
- William
- Shakespeare

Sample Entry: William
Sample Results:

Title: 12 Steps to better exposition by Barbara Williams.
Author: Williams, Barbara
Publication: Ohio: Charles E. Merrill Publishing Co., c1968.
Physical Description: vii, 183p.: 22.6 cm.
Subject: Exposition (Rhetoric).
Call Number: CO PE 1429 .W54 1968
Number of copies: 1

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For Subject Search, type in the subject of the book or any library material in the text box and select Subject from the drop-down list. Click Search. Subject Search will look for matches in the subject information of the collections.

Sample Entry: math
Sample Results:

Title: 2 4 6 8 ... let's start to calculate (Calculator math)
Author: Davidson, Jessica
Publication: 1978 by Jessica Davidson.-- New York: Cuisenaire Company of America,
Physical Description: 51p.; ill.; 28 cm.
Subject: Mathematics - Study and teaching. Calculators.
Call Number: HS 510.28 D283 1978
Number of copies: 1

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The search result displays 10 matches per page. To view the next 10 or more matches, click on the “Next 10 results” link. To return to the previous 10 pages, click the “Previous 10 results” link. The call number prefixes are descriptive of the location of the particular collection. For example, a search displayed the following call numbers:

GS-FI 372.7 J28 2001 – GS-FI is short for Grade School Fiction
HS 510.28 D283 1978 – HS is short for High School
CO 801.95 W459 1965 – CO is short for College

For a complete list of symbols or prefixes used, click on the Location Symbols link at the bottom of the page.

As an added feature, you can print the active result page by clicking on the “Printable Page” link.

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