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Grade School Library

The Ateneo de Zamboanga Grade School Instructional Media Center (IMC) consists of the library or print resources and the audiovisual or non-print resources. Both cater print and non-print materials that are especially prepared selected, organized and administered for the purpose of classroom instruction.

Grade School Library

Ateneo de Zamboanga Grade School IMC is the learning resource center of the Grade School. It is located at the ground floor of the new two story building. A School Library should aim to interest and challenge a child in developing reading skills. School students should be taught how to locate information during Library lessons and encourage undertaking independent study or research.

The library is one of the most important student and faculty services in the Grade School. It is significantly involved in both curricular and co – curricular activities of the school, through its continuos provision of library resources. It also assists in the learning needs of both students and faculty through books and other related resources and audiovisual materials.


  1. To provide a wide and updated collection of print and none – print instructional materials in all subject areas that are appropriate to the needs of the faculty and suited to the interests and learning abilities of the pupils.
  2. To prepare, select, organize and administer the materials that will make them easily available and accessible to the faculty, pupils and administration.
  3. To assist the faculty in the selection and effective use of various instructional materials to make the teaching – learning process more interesting and meaningful.
  4. To train faculty and pupils in the proper use and care of print and non-print materials and equipment.
  5. To provide technical and special assistance to the faculty and pupils in the use of various materials and equipment.
  6. To encourage the faculty and pupils to develop a love of learning by spending more time reading books, periodicals and other printed materials and by maximizing the use of audiovisual or non – print materials in the teaching – learning process.
  7. To prepare faculty, staff and students in becoming globally competitive, computer literate and technically skilled.

Library Collections

  • General collection – a collection of books for general interest.
  • Reference collection – such as encyclopedia, atlases, dictionaries, almanacs, etc.
  • Filipiniana collection – all books both fiction and non – fiction about the Phillippines as well as those written by Filipino authors.
  • Periodicals – collection of reading materials published periodically like magazines, journals and newspapers.
  • Vertical files – collection of periodical clippings, brochures, handouts and others.
  • Except for general collection, all are to be used only within the premises of the library. Lilbrary collection is readily available in open shelves following the Dewey Decimal Classification system.
Dewey Decimal Classification
  • 000 – 099 GENERAL WORKS
  • 200 – 299 RELIGION
  • 300 – 399 SOCIAL SCIENCE
  • 400 – 499 LANGUAGE
  • 500 – 599 PURE SCIENCE
  • 600 – 699 APPLIED SCIENCE
  • 700 – 799 MUSIC, ARTS & PE.
  • 800 – 899 LITERATURE
  • 900 – 999 HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, ETC.
  • Reference inquiries
  • Book borrowing
  • Library instruction program
  • Book display
  • Library orientation
  • Photocopying
  • Periodical routing service
  • Annual celebration of Library info. Month
  • CD ROM/ Internet Access
  • Vertical file w/ cutting and pamphlets
  • Extension services in the classroom (books, magazines, and viewing)
Audiovisual Materials
  • VHS tapes
  • Audio cassette tapes
  • Slides
  • Flashcards/ Pictures/ Posters/ Maps/ Charts
Audiovisual Equipment
  • Overhead Projector
  • Picture projector
  • Cassette recorder/ CD cassette
  • Laptop – data projection
  • DVD player
Production and Reproduction
  • Video transfer
  • Audio recording/ transfer
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 • High School library
 • College Main library

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