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The AdZU REC was formally organized in January 2015. The re-organization was facilitated by the Ateneo Research Center (ARC). The ARC saw the need to do re-organization as there had been a previous research ethics review committee established a year or two before but that group’s mandate had a much narrower scope and coverage – something that had to be changed if AdZU was to comply with the PHREB requirements for accreditation.

The current AdZU REC has a wider vision for the university and the community and has an expanded membership. Work on crafting the SOPs was started in January 2015 when ARC brought together faculty members from the tertiary unit that have obtained the appropriate training on research ethics in a 3-day workshop at the Garden Orchid Hotel (in Zamboanga City). The workshop’s primary objectives were 1) to compose a new research ethics committee for AdZU, 2) to decide on the new REC’s scope and purpose, and 3) to begin work on SOPs. A set of workable SOPs was finished at that time and was refined in the succeeding months.