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Security measures are implemented on both campuses (Fr. Eusebio Salvador SJ Campus, La Purisima and William H Kreutz SJ Campus, Tumaga)  for the protection of the students, faculty and staff, as well as the school properties and facilities.

ID cards and vehicle passes are used primarily for identification purposes.  Through these, access to the campus and use of facilities, such as the library and parking areas, are controlled.

Uniformed security guards have been delegated the authority to carry out procedures to ensure that safety and order are maintained inside the campus.  These procedures include checking identities of persons entering the campus; checking and granting entry permits to vehicles without the regular gate passes; and checking bags/packages of those entering the campus. They also patrol the grounds and assist vehicular traffic on campus on certain occasions.  Everyone on campus is expected to respect the security force in their rightful exercise of the delegated authority.