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The Ateneo de Zamboanga University believes that it is the university’s privilege to select and hire personnel who meet its employment standards.  An Ateneo employee should be able to carry out the assigned work completely and have the capacity for growth.  Applicants for employment are considered on the basis of individual qualifications.  The minimum entry qualifications are dictated by the requirements of the job and defined in the job specifications.

The Ateneo believes that people should be treated such that they can contribute through their jobs to the overall efforts of the university and at the same time achieve personal satisfaction.  The Ateneo and its employees have certain basic responsibilities toward each other.  The Ateneo’s responsibility is to try to give each employee continuous employment and a just compensation, recognition and reward for individual effort, and opportunity for growth and development as a person.  Employees have the responsibility of using their best efforts and skills in performing their job for the benefit of the Ateneo community and those it serves.