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In response to the goal of advancing leadership in education and research, the Ateneo de Zamboanga University recognizes the need to promote and ensure that the highest ethical standards are observed in the practice of all forms of scientific inquiry involving human subjects. The AdZU Research Ethics Committee (AdZU REC) has been established to make sure that the university only supports and acknowledges research that comply with acceptable ethical principles. It is the task of the AdZU REC to review all research projects involving human participants supported financially or technically by the university either through the Ateneo Research Center or through any of its schools and colleges.

The members of the AdZU REC are composed of faculty members from the university as well as from the external community. Members bring with them valuable and extensive experience and knowledge in research in different fields, and all have obtained appropriate training in research ethics (with some of the trainings sanctioned by Philippine Health Research Ethics Board PHREB) before commencing their role within the REC. Their experiences in research along with training in ethics ensure that all research proposals are thoroughly and fairly reviewed for ethical research conduct.