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Find Articles from Print Journals

Periodical Index is available at the Periodical section of the Fr Jose T Bacatan SJ Library. A periodical index provides access to articles arranged published in magazines and journals arranged by subject or author to help you find articles about a  topic. An index shows you the following; 1.Title of the periodical 2.the specific date, volume and issue, and page numbers for the article. 3.Name of the author/s

Parts of a Citation

Citation is the information found in the index about an article.

  1. Title of the article
  2. Name/s of the author (some short articles does not include author name/s)
  3. Title of the periodical.
  4. Volume and issue number of the periodical in which the article appears (The library indicates volume 1 and Issue Number 2 as Vol1. No2)
  5. Date of Issue in which the article appears. (The library uses abbreviations for the different months as follows: JE (June), JL (July), AU (August), SE (September), OC (October), NE (November), DE (December), JA (January), FE (February), MA (March), AP (April) and MY ( May) ● 6. Page/s on which the article appears. (In the Index it is indicated as p23 – 26.)