A. Bank services  for Tuition payment : Internet Banking/On-line and Over- the- Counter payment

ü  Asia United Bank (AUB)

ü  Banco de Oro (BDO)- Mayor Jaldon Branch

ü  Bank of Commerce (BOC)

ü  China Banking Corporation (CBC) Commercial Bank

ü  Land Bank of the Philippines. (LBP)

ü  Metropolitan Bank and Trust Corp. (MBTC)

ü  United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)

ü  Philippine National Bank (PNB)


ü Fill out  bank deposit slip :

o Account Number of ADZU

o Full name of Student

o ID No. of Student

ü Keep validated deposit slip as proof of payment.

ü Please pay only in cash.

ü Finance Office will credit payment to student ledger upon receipt of Bank Abstract of Collection and corresponding Official Receipt will be printed.


B. Payment thru Credit Card available at ADZU Finance Office .


C. Finance Office extension of service

Tuition and fees for Junior High School and Grade School will be accepted at the Finance Office-HS Bldg.,WHK Campus, Tumaga,  three (3 ) days before scheduled Exam .

D.   Exam Slip

ü Exam Slips during exam period will be issued to students if the required amount for the period is fully settled.

ü Student with unpaid balance for the exam period should still get an Exam Slip thru a Promissory Note signed by parent as approved by Treasurer.

E. Cash Advances and Liquidation


·         Follow scheduled date for liquidation of expenses/cash advances.

·         Keep record of your expenses and keep all supporting documents (O.R., Invoices) to facilitate liquidation.

·         Unused money for a purpose should immediately be returned to Finance Office.

·         No shifting of  line item budget without the approval of Treasurer.

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