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AdZU Emergency Evacuation Guidelines


General Evacuation Procedures All members of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University community should become familiar with the recommended evacuation procedures. This includes learning where exits are located and knowing the location of the assembly area.


The evacuation should be accomplished by following the building evacuation routes as indicated on various signs in the buildings. Occupants should leave by the nearest marked exit and alert others to do the same.


1.     On hearing the warning signal bell –(five (5) short rings followed by a long ring-will be sounded), all students, teachers, staff as well as visitors should immediately cease all activities and secure personal valuables.


2.     Calmly but quickly move from where you are to your designated areas. Follow strictly the directions of the emergency leaders. Make sure to bring all your personal items during the drill.


3.     Heads and staff of offices and faculty members should ensure that everyone in the offices and classrooms have vacated.


4.     Close doors behind you. Proceed to the nearest exit and leave the building.


5.     Persons with disabilities and senior citizens should be assisted in exiting the building.


6.     Occupants of the various university buildings should move to the following areas:



BC quadrangle


Brebeuf Grounds





Senior High Buildings (Student Services Office, Kostka, Ricci and Berchmans)

Xavier Hall



LRC building





*         Note: Xavier hall occupants must use the Xavier hall stairwell and not to cross over the C (college) building

7.     Once outside the building, proceed to the designated assembly area, where you will receive direction from designated university officials.


8.     Do not leave the evacuation assembly area until the “all clear” signal has been given.


9.     The “all clear” signal will be the siren from the megaphone. If electricity is on, one long ring from the university bell will be sounded.



General Evacuation Procedure Map

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