About Grade School Ateneo Hymns


(Words and Music by Ramon “Bobit” Navarro, HS 76)

I. El Animo Ateneo

No tu era pabor deja

Maskin donde tu’y anda

Pirmi servi con Dios y el Patria

Kay amo se ya enseña

Aqui na escuela del Jesuita

Hace subi con el bandera

Como’l alas del Azul Aguila

Refrain 1:

Y ta cre yo algun dia

Bula kita como’l azul aguila

Mientras tanto mio reso

Vivi kita como un buen Atenista

Junto kita todo grita

Viva el Ateneo!

II. The Spirit of the Ateneo

Don’t you ever let it go

And wherever you may be

Always serve our God and Country

For that is what we have learned

In the school of Jesuit Fathers

Let us raise the Flag of our School

Spread the wings of the Blue Eagle

Refrain 2:

We know someday, we’ll fly away

On the wings of the Blue Eagle

But for today we’ll say a pray’r

And hope to live the Ateneo way

Let us repeat the Sounding Cheer

Hail Ateneo Hail !!!

Repeat I

Coda: El Animo Ateneo

Como’l alas del Azul Aguila.

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