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The CPVA envisions to be a center for performing and visual arts in the university where individual or group skills and talents of students, faculty and staff are being continually honed through different performances


As a coordinating center, the CPVA helps individual or group of persons and institutions to promote arts and culture through shows, for a, symposia, and workshops both for visual and performing arts. It also aims to further enhance the talents/skills of individual or group in the different  fields of arts.

Brief History

The CPVA office was created through the leadership of Father President William H. Kreutz, SJ with Ms. Sandra Jamiro as the office head in 1988. This office was very small which was located at the second floor LRC building where the ADZU Press was situated. Later in 2002, the CPVA office was transferred to its present location. 

The CPVA has been renamed to the Ateneo Center for Culture and Arts (ACCA).

The following are persons who became CPVA Coordinators/ACCA Directors:

Sandra Jamiro 1988 - 1999
Joseph Climaco 1999 - 2001
Estrellita Vicente 2001 - 2008
Joseph Climaco 2008 - 2011
Tricia Mae D Manulong - 2011- 

Marco Alfino Miranda - present

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