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Master of Arts Major in Social Studies

Educ 500    Methods of Research

Credits: 3 units

The course  teaches students research methods and the basic elements of research. It  allows students to conduct simple research and research reporting to a panel of critique. It  enables them to make use of hypothesis and theories, prepare research  reports, prepare projects and case studies, design experiments, and apply statistical methods and tools. The course  prepares students for their thesis writing.

Educ 501    Statistics
Credits: 3 units

This course is designed primarily to provide students with the necessary tools in conducting educational research. It covers those statistical concepts, methods, and techniques that are useful and widely used in many of the educational researches. It includes measures of central tendency, measures of dispersion, correlation and regression analysis, hypothesis, testing, and analysis of variance.

SS 502      Introduction to Social Science
Credits: 3 units

This course introduces graduate students majoring in Social Studies to the introductory and  basic  theories, concepts  and scientific studies conducted in the general field of social sciences. In its broad nature, the subject limits its contents to four major areas of concentration, namely : Sociology, Political Science, Economics and History. While these fields are interrelated, they are studied separately in content.

SS 503      Social Problems in a Changing  Society
Credits: 3 units

This course  offers graduate students majoring in Social Studies  basic principles, issues, trends and recommendations based on latest findings and researches affecting  social problems in a general framework. Emphasis is stressed on the roles and responsibilities played or expected of  the society in general in contrast to individual responsibilities in the society.

SS 504      Philippine Social Problems
Credits: 3 units

This course offers graduate students majoring in Social Studies current social phenomena in the Philippine context. These phenomena cover  both the problems brought about by natural circumstances  and social interactions with emphasis on the latter problem on addiction, human exploitation, government responsibilities and other general social issues.

SS 505     Social Problems on Economic Development and Population
Credits: 3 units

While the study of economic development is an essential part of the dynamics of economics as a subject, this course deals primarily with the economic relationship between development and population as a social process. This course provides valuable insights for the proper understanding of the issues and  realities surrounding economic development.

SS 506    Seminar on  Filipino Cultural Values
Credits: 3 units

This course  studies the various social, religious structures/practices and the intellectual  and artistic manifestations of the Filipino People. Emphasis is on the Filipino cultural values, specifically the social and religious structures and practices among the majority of Filipinos and the cultural minorities.

SS 507      Social Psychology
Credits: 3 units

This course discusses the behaviors of individuals, their perceptions, attitudes,  sexuality, conformity, deviance, etc. The emphasis of the course is on the psychological social psychology, synthesized and integrated. The course  provides students with an in-depth understanding of relevant social issues that affect them such as the peace and developments issue in Mindanao.

SS 508      Marriage and Parenthood
Credits: 3 units

The first part of  this course treats the Christian dimension of marriage as the union of two baptized, man and woman who freely give themselves to each other in a lifelong  covenant of  love. The purpose of this life-long union is both the mutual love of husband and wife,  as well as the procreation and upbringing of their children. Hence, the second and final part of the course presents parenthood  as an unconditional commitment to love and to serve one's children , as well as to effectively  carry out the responsibility of helping the children to live a fully human life.

Educ 503      Current Trends/Researches in Philippine Education
(Elective )
Credits: 3 units

The course deals with the current trends and research studies in Philippine Education as they relate to national development. Discussion and analyses on the new developments in education are aimed at enhancing the students’ understanding of the role of education in the development of a nation. The approach to this course is from the macro  to micro level where students are made cognizant  of national and local phenomena/researches relative  to Philippine   Education and for them to see how trends in Philippine education respond to these phenomena. From this scenario, students  focus on how these current educational developments respond to national development.

Comprehensive Exams

6 units

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