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Admission to the Junior High School is open to qualified Grade 6 pupils of public and private elementary schools. Admission is determined by:

· the result of the Elementary Level Competency Measure (ELCOM)

· results of the interview conducted by the Committee on Admissions

· Evaluation of the Report Card (Form 138)

The Committee on Admissions is responsible for the selection and admission of grade seven and transferees in the Junior High School.


Incoming Grade 7 students are required to submit the following upon registration:

· Form 138 (Original Copy/ Grade 6 Report Card)

· Certification of Good Moral Character

· 4 copies 1x1 latest picture with blue background and;

· Photocopy of applicant’s Authenticated Birth Certificate


A limited number of transferees are accepted in the Junior High School each year. Admission is determined by:

· The results of the applicant’s entrance test

· Past academic achievement as shown in the Transcript of Records/ Report Card

· Certificate of Good Moral Character from the last school attended

· Personal Interview with the Committee on Admissions


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