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Date: October 6, 2017

Weekly Memorandum No. 2017 –10.2

TO: AdZUHS Community
FROM: Father Principal

SUBJECT: AdZU JHS this week, October 9-14, 2017.



A comprehensive ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm must consider the context of learning as well as the more explicitly pedagogical process. In addition, it should point to wasy to encourage openness to growth even after the student has completed any individual learning cycle, Thus five steps are involved: CONTEXT; EXPERIENCE; REFLECTION; ACTION; EVALUATION.

CONTEXT OF LEARNING. Teachers, as well as members of the school community, therefore, should take account of:

a.)          the real context of a student’s life which includes family, peers, social situations, the educational institution itself, politics, economies, cultural climate, the ecclesial situation, media, music and other realities. All of these have an impact on the student for better or worse.  

b.)          the socio-economic, political and cultural context within which a student grows can seriously affect his or her growth as a person for others.

c.)          the institutional environment of the school or learning center…A Jesuit school is to be a face-to-face faith community of learners in which an authentic personal relationship between teachers and students may flourish. Without such a relation much of the unique force of our education would be lost. For an authentic relationship of trust and friendship between teacher and student is an indispensable dispositive condition for any growth in commitment to values. 

d.)          what previously acquired concepts students bring with them to the start of the learning process. Their points of view and the insights that they may have acquired from earlier study or picked up spontaneously from their cultural environment, as well as their feelings, attitudes, and values regarding the subject matter to be studied from part of the real context for learning. 

No. 32 - 41, pp 14-17, IGNATIAN PEDAGOGY, A Practical Approach


2.   Activities and Events  


9 Oct, Mon


7:00 AM


Morning Assembly

Sponsor:  Grade 10 –  Pongracz 


Awarding of Anti-bullying Video Campaign

10 Oct,





YSEP Duty – 10 –Claver


2nd Qtr Test Draft to Press

AMT Meeting on Budget Proposal

11 Oct,




7: 00 AM

MASS – Sponsor Grade 10 – Claver (Mrs. Vesagas)



YSEP Duty – 10-Regis

12 Oct



 Fiesta in honor of Nuestra Señora La Virgen del Pilar



13 Oct, Fri


7:00 AM



MASS – Sponsor Grade 10 – De Brito (Bro. Glenn)


YSEP Duty – 10-Arrowsmith


2:45 PM


Faculty and Staff Meeting @ AVR 1



Submission of Budget Proposal to AP Admin & Finance

14 Oct, Sat


 8:00 AM –

12:00 NN

Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC)



a.           Fr. Arnel T. Ong, SJ will be in Manila on October 11-13 for a Conference in Pasay City. Mrs. Evelyn Bugayong will be the  Officer-in-charge (O.I.C). She is allowed to sign documents on my behalf. Fr. Principal will resume office on October 14.

b.           All Faculty are expected to be present on Oct 14 for the Parent-Teacher Conference. 


4.   Points to Ponder



A young man once studied violin under a world-renowned violinist and master teacher. He worked hard for several years at perfecting his talent, and the day finally came when he was called upon to give his first major public recital in the large city where both he and his teacher lived. Following each selection, which he performed with great skill and passion, the performer seemed uneasy about the great applause he received. Even though he knew that those in the audience were musically astute and not likely to give such applause to less than superior performance, the young man acted almost as if he couldn’t hear the appreciation that was being showered upon him. 

At the close of the last number, the applause was thunderous and numerous ‘Bravo’s’ were shouted. The talented young violinist has his eyes glued, however, on only one spot. Finally, when an elderly man in the first row of the balcony smiled and nodded to him in approval, the young man relaxed and beamed with both relief and joy. His teacher had praised his work! The applause of thousands meant nothing until he had first won the approval of the master.


Who is that you are trying to please most today?


Am I now trying to win the approval of man or of God? (Galatians 1:10a)


-God’s Little Devotional Book for Students



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