Bachelor of Secondary & Elementary Education

Bachelor of Secondary Education & Bachelor of Elementary Education (BSEd & BEEd)

The education programs produce highly competent 21st century teachers who are multi-literate, creative designers of learning environments, reflective facilitators of meaningful learning experiences, models of Ignatian virtues, collaborators and leaders in research and projects designed to improve conditions and promote peace in the community.

The BSEd and BEEd are learner-centered and outcomes-based academic programs anchored on the K to 12 curriculum framework and the new general education curriculum designed to develop competencies in critical and strategic thinking, communication, life-long learning, and other higher level literacies and skills. The programs are complemented by a formation program that nurtures strong leadership, a compassionate spirit, social responsibility, and a deep sense of God. The following are the different subjects BSED students can major in:

  • ·         English
  • ·         Filipino
  • ·         Mathematics
  • ·         Sciences
  • ·         Social Science
  • ·         Values Education

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