Reading is recognized to be one of the most helpful skills in the learning process. it is a vehicle for obtaining ideas. through reading, an individual has at his command a means for widening his mental horizons and multiplying his opportunities for experiences.

Reading is considered an important tool that enables the students to learn with much success the various concepts in the different subject areas.

In cognizance of the aforementioned facts, the Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School organized the Book Lovers Club in the light of fostering love for reading. It also hopes to attract non-members of this club to love books and to love reading.

In this organization, students will read without fear of being tested afterwards. Reading will, therefore, be purely for recreation, for entertainment, for relaxation, for information, and for many other reasons, aside from being evaluated.



The Book Lovers Club aims to:

1. familiarize students with the following;

1.a. Parts of a book

1.b. Importance of books

1.c. Types of books and the information they can give

1.c.1. Dictionary

1.c.2. Encyclopedia

1.c.3. Thesaurus

1.c.4. Almanac, etc.

2. familiarize students with the library;

2.a. Library system

2.b. Library resources

2.c. Library use and care

3. familiarize and expose students to many reading materials appropriate for their reading level;

3.a. Classics:

· Cinderela

· Rapunzel, etc.

4. listen to a story or sharing of story read;

5. film viewing Educational Movies;

6. library Tour and Book Drive;

7. sharing of personal copies of classics;

8. storytelling or listening to tapes/stories;

9. story collection;

10. drawing, painting, paper cutting or poster making.



1. Reading of classical books.

2. Familiarization of the different library materials.

3. Viewing of some education films.

4. Interpreting some selection through creative arts.

5. Listening to stories.

6. Sharing of personal experiences in relation to the story read.

7. Joining library tour.

8. Helping in the book drive.

Shirley Requejo

Grade 1

Rodeza Joy DR Delos Santos and Ria Paula G Vicente

Grade 2


Liza Cabahug

Grade 3


Julie Mae A Enopia and Evelyn F Togado

Grade 4-6




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