When an employee accepts a job, he/she looks forward to growing with the institution.  It is expected that he/she does his/her job well, improves himself / herself and acquires the skills and experiences required for future advancement.  Eligibility for promotion depends on the employee’s qualifications, performance, initiative and leadership qualities; seniority alone is not enough.

There are three ways by which an employee may be promoted:  through a reclassification of his/her position to a higher level, as a consequence of position re-evaluation or through appointment to a vacant position at a higher level.  A third way is promotion within the same level as a result of rank and step movement. (Refer to the Rank and Promotion Scheme of the unit’s Faculty Manual and of the Academic and Service Staff Manual).

On the basis of established schemes, an academic or service staff may apply for movement in rank or step every five or three years, respectively.  If qualified, a movement in rank or step is covered by an equivalent percentage increase in salary.

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