Transfer or reassignment is a lateral movement from one position to another.  Although transfers may involve changes in duties and even in pay, these are incidental rather than essential in the transfer.  The transfer may be initiated by the employee, if the employee believes that he/she is equipped for work other than what he/she is presently doing.  In some cases, supervisors may initiate the transfer.  The same general qualifications apply to transfers as to promotions.

Transfer usually involves a trial period of three to six months, and the employee, with the approval of the current supervisor, may be allowed to go back to his/her former job should things not turn out as expected.  The supervisor will be observing how well the employee takes to his/her new job.  A formal arrangement on the trial period is drawn up between the employee and the supervisors concerned.  The transfer can be made permanent upon the employee’s successful completion of the trial period.

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