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Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology (Thesis Program)

The MA in Organizational Psychology program provides students with theoretical and research foundations on human behavior in the work setting. The curriculum is designed to equip the graduate with a working knowledge of practices and procedures in the application of psychology in a variety of organizational settings. Knowledge of Human Resources Development and Organizational Behavior as well as skills in Group Process and Research is emphasized. The program is for students interested in pursuing doctorate studies in Industrial/Organizational Psychology as well as for students/professionals who plan to work in commercial and non-commercial industries as human resources administrators, human resources developers in government agencies as well as in non-government organizations, and/or the academe as organizational researchers and professors.

Undergraduate Pre-requisites (11 units)

Psych 101    General Psychology
This course surveys general topics in psychology such as sensory processes, perceptual processes, theories of motivation, statistical tests and design, learning theories and personality, and contemporary issues and problems in psychology.

Psych 203    Fundamental Statistics
This is a course on the basic concepts and methods of descriptive and inferential statistics and their use in the design, analysis and interpretation in the context of psychological research.

Psych 301    Experimental Psychology

This course aims to introduce the students to the theoretical and methodological bases of scientific research in general, and the psychological experiment in particular. Students will be trained in designing, conducting, analyzing and evaluating experiments as well as in reporting the results through experimental reports.

Psych 500    Quantitative Methods
This course is a continuation of the concepts and methods of statistics as discussed in Fundamental Statistics. More advanced concepts are added and effective use of statistical software (i.e. SPSS) is emphasized.

Psych 501    Research Methods
This course is a study of the scientific methods of social and psychological investigation, focusing on the techniques of problem identification, hypothesis formulation, and the construction of a research design and data-gathering instruments. The preparation of a research proposal is integral to the course.

Psych 502    Cognitive Psychology
This course introduces the theories and research on Cognitive Psychology. The discussions revolve around the history of cognitive psychology, models of cognitive psychology, an examination of the basic principles and theories of such cognitive psychological topics like perception, attention, memory, linguistics, neurocognition, thinking and intelligence, and information processing.

Psych 510    Industrial Psychology
This course is designed to introduce the students to Industrial Psychology. Topics covered include the development and history of the field of Industrial Psychology as well as the application of principles governing the different facets of human resources. It describes work organizations, the workers, and their distinct and common goals. Experiences and research on Industrial Psychology in the Philippines is also discussed.

Psych 511    Organizational Behavior
This course serves as an introduction to selected aspects of human behavior in organizations. The course is part of a larger body of knowledge often known as “organizational behavior” and “human resources.” In this course, the emphasis is on leadership, motivation, teams, decision making and problem solving, conflict management, and power and politics. Many concepts are on social interaction and interpersonal behavior. Most of the issues deal with leading and managing people in organizations.

Psych 512    Human Resource Development
This course aims to introduce students to the aspects of Human Resource Management – its function and responsibilities as well as the role that HR plays in contributing to the success of the organization. The course also presents the most recent challenges faced by HR practitioners, particularly in the Philippines.

Psych 513    Social Psychology
Social Psychology is one of the major courses required of Psychology majors. The main purpose of the course is to provide students with a common foundation of knowledge in the mainstream areas of social psychology.

Psych 514    Managerial Psychology
This course surveys social psychology and organization theory interpreted in the context of the managerial environment. The course involves a variety of topics that include motivation and reward systems, social influence, groups and teams, leadership, power, organizational design and culture, and networks and communication patterns in the organization.

Psych 524    Group Process

The general objective of the course is to develop an understanding and appreciation of the concepts, theories, and principles of group process and its applications as skills and strategies to the human resource development, training facilitators, and handling groups in general.

Psych 600    Community Psychology
Community Psychology studies a wide variety of forces and structures in the community which affect the positive growth, development, and functioning of its members. The course includes a review of the field of community psychology, a discussion of underlying concepts (e.g., ecological approach, "blaming the victim" ideology, prevention, social change, active citizenship), and training and experience in civic engagement and community dialogues.

Psych 601    Psychology of Social Change
This course focuses on the review of theories and research findings addressing the complex topic of planned change management as well as the application of social psychology in the examination and analysis of social change.

Psych 602    Organizational Development
The focus of this course is on the examination of the theories, methods, models, and processes specifically related to diagnosing and planning for organizational change. The discussions  revolve around the planned processes of developing an organization’s capabilities for the purpose of attaining and maintaining an optimum level of performance as measured by efficiency, effectiveness, and health.

Psych 603    Psychology of Peace

This course focuses on the social-psychological analysis of peace and the experience of peace, particularly in the context of the Philippines. Topics covered include among others concepts of peace, prejudice and bias reduction, tolerance, and discussion of the most current research on peace.

Psych 604    Attitude and Measurement
This course is designed to introduce to the student theories and research in the field of attitudes and attitude change. Topics include a review of the history of the study of attitudes, theories of attitude formation and organization, and methods of attitude measurement.

Comprehensive Examinations


This practicum is designed to provide graduate students the opportunity to practice what they have learned in Organizational Psychology in offices assigned by the school with the supervision of an adviser of Ateneo de Zamboanga University. The 180 supervised hours builds on the student’s graduate studies in Human Resource and other  field experience in the undergraduate education. Students are expected not only to professionally address the daily practicum requirements and expectations for  human resource and other organizational-related work certification but  also to be responsible in showing graduate level scholarship and application of research in the completion of this course. In addition to the practicum content and log, the graduate students must submit a 20-30 page scholarly paper that discusses their practical experience within the Organizational Psychology framework. Schools/offices where the students are assigned are also asked to submit their evaluation of the students.


Total No. of Units: 42

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