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To create and maintain an ideal atmosphere wherein the school, faculty and parents can work together in perfect harmony and utmost efficiency towards the attainment of the physical, mental, spiritual, social and psychological growth and development of the students of the Grade School.


  1. To assist the school to discover or detect weakness, defects, hazards, dangers or problems which can hinder, impair or endanger physically, mentally or spiritually the well-being of Grade School students.
  2. To compliment the efforts of the school in molding Grade School students to be total persons and to become men for others.
  3. To help the school in the formation and implementation of effective learning process, procedures and systems.
  4. To help maintain the economic viability of the school.
  5. To help attain a high morale for the faculty members and the school staff by knowing and understanding their needs and problems and by assisting them through whatever possible means to surmount their difficulties whenever practicable.
  6. To promote friendship and mutual respect and understanding among parents and between parents and the faculty members and likewise between parents and the school authorities and to help the school carry out its philosophy and objectives and to help preserve its ideals and traditions.
  7. To form the parents, faculty members and staff into an ecclesiastical community founded on cooperation, discipline, peace, justice and love.

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