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The Scanner is not working.

  • The connection of the scanner is not properly plugged in, or the connection is loose.
  • Scanner driver is not properly installed or has not been installed at all.
  • The scanner is not ready or the power is OFF.
  • Check to make sure the connection of your scanner is properly plugged in or tight.
  • Make sure that the scanner installation driver has been installed in your computer.
  • Make sure that the scanner is ready. And make sure the power is ON.

The scanning quality is poor.

  • The cover of the scanner is not properly closed.
  • The glass scanning platform is dirty / dusty
  • Close the scanner cover properly.
  • Clean the glass with a soft cloth.

The scanned color is not what you expected.

  • The color scan template is not properly adjusted.
  • Adjust the color settings of the scanner.

The scanner is not found by the software.

  • The scanner is not properly installed.
  • The cable of the scanner is not properly plugged into the parallel or USB port of the computer.
  • Make sure to install the scanner properly.
  • Make sure the scanner cable is properly plugged into the parallel or USB port of the computer.

Image is too light or too dark as compared to the original copy.

  • The image and the color adjustment may not been set properly.
  • Scan the image again using all default settings and adjust the image and the color of the scanner.

Some parts of the scanned image are missing.

  • The paper has not been placed in the scanner correctly.
  • Make sure to put the paper in the scanner correctly and adjust the image properly.

There is no sound coming from the speaker.

  • The volume knob of the speaker is off.
  • The volume / sound in the computer are low/ mute.
  • Connection of the speaker is not properly plugged in.
  • Make sure it is turned on.
  • Turn on the volume using the volume settings by clicking the sound icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Make sure the connection is properly plugged into the CPU.

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