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CPVA organizes "Sine ng Masa"

AdZU’s Center for Performing and Visual Arts, in coordination with the Film Development Council of the Philippines, organized “Sine Ng Masa”- an open-air mobile cinema that showcases award-winning films and this year’s top I-speak documentaries from AdZU students and faculty. This was held on February 18-21, from 3pm to 7pm at the Al Fresco Dining Area fronting Kafe Atenista.

According to Kiko Miranda, facilitator of the event and Coordinator for Theatre Arts, the film festival started with the realization that we have had a total of 19 award winning films since 2009. He added that the aim is to showcase the best of AdZU and bring it closer to the public especially to the students where they usually hang-out and the atmosphere is relaxed and informal.Themes of the films shown are revolved on relationships, children, the LGBT, Zamboanga siege, and I-speak documentaries.The films featured are the following: El Resso di Maria Ressa, Con Enfermedad Y Buen Salud, Placebo, Ang Hele ni Ryanne, Sausage, Marital Status,  El Pundido Luz de Casa, Timora Talli Apuera si Ramil, Iyo si Malik, Levanta, El Sentiiento del Maga Quieto, Bulador de Casa, Un Diutay Mundo, Pagsaha, Ang Alamat ng Araw at Gabi, Kandila, Ensueño, Enough is Enough, and Vida de La Inosente na Guerra.

Among the students and faculty who had their film entries are Aedrian Araojo, Xeph Suarez, Dexter Dela Peña, Alexis Asuncion, Ryanne Murcia, Ana Carlyn Lim, Kim Regulacion, Sheron Dayoc, Zurich Chan, Roberto “Bob” Oquias, Glenn Oliva, Victor Ian Covarrubias, Romeo Rabajante, and FFP/NSTP and ROTC classes. CPVA still plans to pursue another film festival next year.

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