Instructional Media Center Library and AVR Procedure and Policies

Library/Audiovisual LOAN out Procedures


The library allows students from Grade 1 to 6 to check out a one book at a time,  They may renew their books for one week. However, if students have overdue books, they may not check out another book unless the books borrowed are turned in. Payments for overdue books are made in the Finance Office and payment receipts are presented to the head librarian. The Librarian signs the clearance at the end of the school year. In cases, of loss or damage, the IMC will send Class Moderators a notice concerning the lost or damaged book. If the item is damaged, the student must pay for repairs, if repairing the item is possible. If the item cannot be repaired, then the cost of the item and processing fee must be paid in full.


Procedure on paying overdue book

1. Secure a payment slip at the GS library

2. Settle the account at the Finance Office

3. Present the receipt to the librarian




Procedure for requesting library services

1. Reserve the Grade School library two (2) days before the scheduled activity.

2. Secure Library Reservation form from the Library Staff.

3. Fill out two (2) copies of reservation forms properly.

4. The form must be signed by the moderator/Dept. Head, principal and the Grade School Librarian.

5. Provide one (1) copy of the accomplished form to the Library Staff for preparation of materials needed.


Procedures for requesting Audio Visual services


1. Cassette/CD player reservation should be made a day before it will be used and to be returned in the afternoon of the same day it was borrowed.

2. Cassette/VHS tapes, VCDs/DVDs are only allowed for instructional purposes in the classroom, AVR or other place within the school. These materials are NOT allowed to be loaned out and reproduced/dubbed for personal use.

3. Flashcards/posters etc are given three loaning days and are renewable for another three days.

4. Picture/ Data projectors reservation and laptop should be reserved three days before use and a borrowed item is to be returned in the afternoon of the day the equipment was used.

5. Overhead projector reservation should be made at least one day before it will be used. Fill out the reservation form located at the top cover of each equipment.


REQUEST FOR Reservation of the Audiovisual room

1. Reservation should be made at least three (3) days before the scheduled date.

2. Fill out the reservation form in duplicate indicating clearly the resources needed.

3. Have the completed form signed by the Department chairpersons, GS principal, and AV-In-charge for confirmation of request.




File request two (2) weeks before the scheduled date with the necessary materials needed for reproduction.

Schedule: 8:00-12:00 a.m. (Saturday)


Note: Production/Reproduction of materials should be limited to classroom instruction and not for personal use.

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