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In what is the biggest Service Awards by far, nearly 200 faculty and staff members who have served from 5 to 45 years in the Ateneo were given plaques of recognition in gratitude and acknowledgement of their lasting dedication and passion for service in the university.

The event was held in simple but memorable ceremonies, at the Multi-Purpose Covered Courts of the Salvador Campus last July 31 to coincide with the Feast of St Ignatius de Loyola, the Patron Saint of the University.

Josephine Judith P Alforte and Wilfredo C Sarsoza, both awardees, delivered short messages of their experiences of growing with AdZU. In her speech, Alforte, a faculty of the College of Nursing, put forth a thrilling question for all:

“What is it with AdZU that made us stay?”

–Josephine Judith P Alforte,


2018 Service Awards

Alforte further added her reasons for staying with AdZU.

 “We are of one accord that the spirit of growth is the defining factor…As a result, we are made stronger, more persevering, more compassionate. We are able to withstand the trials of life…AdZU makes us feel special in so many ways.”

Alforte further notes that the values of faith and self-reflection cultivated in the community through recollections, daily masses and retreats, heals the soul and helps the individuals tackle life’s problems. Indeed, the AdZU community grows together as a unit, through thick and thin.

Adding to that, Sarsoza, university driver who has recently had his daughter graduate from Ateneo School of Medicine and Graduate School through the help of the university, delivered a heartfelt speech of gratitude.

 “[Nagpapasalamat] ako sa mga pari, sa mga Jesuits sa mga tulong na [binigay] nila sa akin at sa aking mga anak.”

Wilfredo C Sarsoza


2018 Service Awards

 After the messages from the awardees, Father President Karel S San Juan SJ took to the podium to address the community and acknowledge their achievements. In his address, Fr San Juan remarked on the quick passing of time which the community spent “growing painfully, joyfully” together. As a response to Mr Sarsoza’s message, Fr San Juan congratulated the children of the members of the faculty and staff who have accomplished so much under the AdZU Educational Scholarships. Moreover, Fr San Juan expressed gratitude to those who stayed as AdZU was, and still is, “striving to be better.”

The spirit of generosity and gratitude is strong during the event as the community celebrated, as one, the Feast Day of St Ignatius of Loyola.

 “You have in the Ateneo a community of friends, of colleagues, you have journeyed with through years upon years, through thick and thin…You have found in the Ateneo a home, a family even, where there is togetherness, there is comfort, pakikiramay, suporta, where there is love.”

Father President Karel S San Juan SJ




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