Memos University Athletics Council

17 June 2017


RE :University Athletics Council

I am convening the University Athletics Council to continue the work of the   University Athletics Development Committee but with a broader and overarching function as advisory board on matters pertaining to sports development and university varsity programs. Its mandate include the following:


1.      Formulate, implement and monitor a strategic plan for the development of sports and athletics programs in the Grade School, High School, and College Units;

2.      Streamline, coordinate, and align sports development program of the academic units;

3.      Monitor and evaluate varsity programs, athletic events and activities at the University level; and

4.      Discuss issues and concerns related to athletics development, and propose courses of action.


The UAC shall be led by  Fr Francisco “Koko” Parilla SJ as chair and convenor. He shall be assisted by the following:

Mr Santiago Araneta (Junior High School)

Mr Rommel Cuaresma (College Athletics Coordinators)

Ms Emy Jane M Gelvero (Grade School)

Mr Erwin Pelayo (High School Athletics Coordinators)

Mr Rey S Reyes (Chess Varsity Coach)

Mr Roniel Soriano (Grade School Athletics Coordinators)

Mr Richter Robin M Vecina (Badminton Varsity Coach)


I take this opportunity to thank Mr Santiago “Santi” Araneta for having served as chair of the University Athletics Development Committee for two years. I thank him, too, for staying on to assist the Council in the spirit of magis and love for the Ateneo.


I thank the Council members for their generosity and availability. I ask the University Community for support and cooperation.


University President

MEMO 16-18:06

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