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07 November 2017



As the new semester commences, I look back at the previous one with much pride and deep gratitude for the academic achievements resulting from the collective efforts of the members of the AdZU community.


The overall 100% passing rate (16/16) in the Bar Examinations of the College of Law’s

Class of 2016 (11/11) which was released in May 2017, was matched recently with another 100% passing rate (13/13) in the Electronic Engineer Licensure Examination by the BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering  (BSECE) Class of 2017 (12/12) and a top 2 finish by Eric Jester Lim in the Electronics Technician Licensure Examination.


For the third consecutive time, AdZU receives nation-wide recognition as a Top Performing School from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for the commendable performance ( 86.96% or 40/46) of the BS Accountancy Class of 2017 in the October 2017 Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examinations.  The overall passing rate is 80.39%, while the national passing rate is only 30.45%. AdZU garnered the Top 6 spot in 2015 and the Top 4 in 2016.


I congratulate the successful examinees and thank the administrators, faculty and staff of the following: the College of Law led by Dean Rosendo Castillo Jr; the College of Science and Information Technology  led by Dr Rochelleo Mariano and its  Engineering Department under the helm of Engr Louie Virgil Gallardo;  and the School of Management and

Accountancy led by Dean Maynard R Bagtasos and its Accountancy Department chaired by Mr John Carlos Wee.


I also thank the rest of the University community for your valuable contribution to the total formation and development of our graduates. 


Muchas gracias a todos.  

University President

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