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EBSCOhost® is the world's most-used reference resource.  It is a customizable, intuitive search experience designed to cater to user needs and preferences at every level of research, with over 300 full text and secondary databases available. EBSCOhost also serves as the foundation for EBSCO's Complete Discovery Solution, which provides users with access to an institution’s entire collection via a single, customizable entry point.

EBSCOhost features:

Full 508 Accessibility
EBSCO provides full 508 accessibility compliance via the EBSCOhost® web interface.

Alerts:  Search, Journal, RSS Feeds

Users can automatically push updated information out to patrons, students and faculty.

Basic and Advanced Search Screens
EBSCOhost offers an appropriate search experience for all levels of researchers.

Customization options for your library's EBSCOhost interface accommodate your logo or library home page graphic.

EBSCOadmin Module

Customers can customize many aspects of EBSCOhost® and generate usage statistics using the web based administrative tool.

Image Quick View
Image Quick View adds images to EBSCOhost Result Lists to provide users with instant previews of this valuable information .

My EBSCOhost
EBSCOhost personalized folders manage Result List items, Searches and Alerts for use in a future session .

Result List
The EBSCOhost Result List delivers tools to help users organize, refine, and expand search results, all from one convenient screen. .

Search Box Builder
An EBSCOhost Search Box on library pages provides instant, streamlined access to valuable online resources!

Linking Options
To enable seamless interconnectivity with customer resources, EBSCOhost offers linking to and from a variety of sources.

Visual Search
EBSCOhost offers exciting graphical displays of search results with its Visual Search user interface.

Historical Digital Archive Viewer
Bring historical digital archive content to life with this customized viewer.

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