The Library Program aims to provide the basic knowledge and skills needed in acquiring rich information through the use of library resources and facilities.
In response to the constantly shifting needs of the learners and the emerging thrust of the school in today’s information age, the library instruction program will also provide varied opportunities and meaningful learning experiences to students to enhance their reading skills, thus making them conscious readers and critical thinkers.


The Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School Library Instructional Program aims to:

  • support and assist in the instructional and research program of the school;
  • help students acquire greater skills in the use of books and other reference materials;
  • develop interest and wholesome reading and appreciation of books;
  • develop expertise in locating and acquiring information with minimal supervision; and;
  • provide opportunities to practice good manners and right conduct through the proper use of the library.


A. Objectives: At the end of the session/s, the pupils are expected to:

  • get acquainted with the school library;
  • be aware of the arrangement and classification of books in the library;
  • be familiarized with the different sections of the library;
  • develop proper library behavior; and
  • develop the ability to read and follow library rules and regulations.

B. Topics:

  • Importance of the library
  • Arrangement and classification of Library Books
  • Library resources and their importance
  • Library facilities for library users
  • Library rules and regulations
  • Library familiarization (Junior/ Senior Preparatory Students)

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