Programs English/Filipino Elocution Program

English/Filipino Elocution Program


The Ateneo de Zamboanga University Grade School, as a Jesuit School envisions to develop well-rounded boys and girls equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and habits. They are to attain excellence in curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular fields.

The program aims to develop and maintain excellence, particularly in oral language “eloquentia perfecta” which is the distinctive mark of an Atenean. It is therefore, for this reason that the elocution programs in English and Filipino is a must in all the levels in the Ateneo Grade School. Through the English/Filipino Elocution program students are trained to be eloquent or to be good speakers.

The Program aims to train students to:

  1. express ideas through oral language;
  2. convey ideas clearly and distinctly;
  3. develop self confidence in public speaking;
  4. develop proper expressions of emotions, feelings, and emphasis in the delivery of piece;
  5. develop the voice through proper production of sounds;
  6. develop voice modulation and proper breathing;
  7. develop personality and poise; and
  8. develop memory.


Salient Aspects of the Program

I. General Provisions:

1. The Junior Preparatory to Grade III students will deliver declamation pieces, while Grades IV – VI will deliver elocution pieces.

2. All immediate past school year’s gold and silver medalists are qualified to join in the finals of the present school year.

II. Interclass Contest:

1. Participated in by a maximum number of 15 contestants per class per quarterly contest;

2. Morning and afternoon Preparatory Classes must have equal representation to complete the maximum number of 10 to 15 contestants for the Sr. Prep. And 15 for Grade 1-6 and must compete together to select 2 qualified students for the grade level;

3. Contest venue will be in their respective classroom;

4. Three teachers of the grade school will act as judges. The moderator and the English/Filipino teachers are not qualified to judge in the class where they are teaching. However, the moderator is requested to be present during the contest;

5. Two students will be certified qualified to participate in the semi-finals (certificates are awarded to the qualified students).

III. Intergraded Contest

A. Semi-finals

1. Participated in by students who are certified qualified in the quarterly elocution in their respective classes

2. Qualified students for each section of the different classes will compete among themselves to qualify for the final round

3. The semi-finals round will be held in the Brebeuf Gym or Multi-Purpose covered courts

4. The contestant will be judged by competent judges

5. Two students will be declared qualified to join the finals

B. Final Contest

1. Participated in by the winners of the semi-finals

2. Venue is the Brebeuf Gym/Multi-Purpose Covered Courts

3. To be judged by competent Filipino/English teachers (not teaching in the G.S.)

4. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners will be awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals respectively.


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