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ADZU shall provide support for paper presentations made by faculty and staff to international and national conferences/workshops within and outside the country.


A. Paper presentations in International Conferences / Workshops

The Research and Publication Council agreed that a conference will be considered international based on the following indicators:

  1. Reputation of the organizers (should be accredited internationally and with history)
  2. The program of the conference itself (i.e. speakers, facilitators, participants)



  • The conference is sponsored by an internationally recognized organization.
  • The candidate must present a paper or invited as a consultant with significant contribution in a workshop.
  • The candidate must submit to the Unit head the following: 
  • The acceptance letter/invitation for participation

·        Conference brochure

·        Abstract of the paper

·        Details of financial assistance (amount, coverage, etc.) expected from ADZU and Other funding sources

  • The paper must be submitted for publication in the ADZU Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies or any other peer reviewed or refereed journal



  • Only permanent faculty (with MA Degree) and staff having finished five consecutive years of full-time service to the Ateneo are qualified to apply for the support for paper presentations.
  • All applications should be submitted to the Review Committee, composed of the Academic Vice President, the Graduate School Dean and the ARC Director. The Review Committee shall establish the additional Criteria / Guidelines for awarding the incentive package.
  • The committee will review the application and recommend for its approval / disapproval to the council and the President.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis subject to the availability of funds.

Areas of funding support:

  • Registration fee

·       Air Fare

·        Full local and international airfare shall be covered for conferences that will be held within the South East Asian Reigion, including Korea and other East Asian countries.

·        For Conferences in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, North America, South America, Africa, Europe and others: A maximum of eight hundred dollars ($800) for airfare will be given and the balance can be covered through salary deduction.

  • Per diem of $100/day for the duration of the conference plus 1 day
  • Visa Processing Cost
  • Travel and Medical Insurance Policy (if not covered by sponsoring conference)
  • Other incidental costs as approved by the Review Committee


  • International conferences held in the Philippines will follow the ADZU inter-city travel rate policy
  • Any faculty / staff may avail of this privilege only once in three (3) years
  • Total annual budget to be appropriated for this package in $6,000.00. This will be under the President’s office budget account.
  • Priority of grant based on the availability of funds
  1. Faculty / Staff who avails only some provisions in the grant (e.g. Per Diem only, etc.)
  2. First time applicants will be given priority over those who have already previously availed of the incentive.

 B. Paper Presentation in National Conferences

            Paper presentation in a national conference will follow the ADZU inter-city travel rate policy.

C. Effectivity

            This incentive package for paper presentations is effective beginning August 1, 2010

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