Social Devt Council Ateneo Peace Institute (API)


“6Cs and 3Es”

The API, upholding the primacy of education as a catalyst towards peaceful social transformation, aims to conscientize and capacitate individuals and groups for non-violent conflict-transformation; increase commitment towards peacebuilding and to provide venues for critical collaboration with other stakeholders; and, to foster citizenship geared towards social change and sustainable development and ensure the continuity of peace efforts.



In line with its twin strategies of “Education and Training” and “Advocacy and Awareness-raising”, the API has two main programs: the Peace Education Program and the Peace Advocacy Program. Support programs include: Networking and Partnerships, Research and Publications, and Staff Development.

Peace Education Program | Regular Projects and Activities

  • Popularizing Peace Education (PoP Ed) – follows a total school approach in educating for peace. Specifically, the PE component seeks to concretely integrate peace concepts in the curriculum, co-, and extra-curricular activities of the students and in the formation framework of the faculty and staff.
  • Cultura de Paz (CdP) – serves as a basic orientation to level off understanding of peace and to introduce the operant framework.
  • Mi Historia – gives an historical view and context-specific understanding of the prevailing conflicts in Mindanao and Sulu.
  • Paglaum Workshops – provides thematic follow-on sessions that help deepen appreciation of peace or introduce essential peacebuilding skills.
  • Institutional Peace Camp – introduces participants to the core knowledge, skills, attitudes, and orientation needed for the enculturation of peace.
  • Leaders for Peace (LEAP) – adapts the Ignatian Leadership and Actualizing Workshop (ILAW) frame to nurture the successor generation of Atenean leaders and peacebuilders.

Peace Advocacy Program | Regular Projects and Activities

  • Popularizing Peace Education (PoP Ed) – follows a total school approach in educating for peace. Specifically, the PA component seeks to harness the power of multi-media and the arts to promote peace to a wider audience.
  • Kulay ng Buhay – aims to heighten awareness and positive reception of the unique cultural diversity of the region through exhibits, showcases, and symposia.
  • War Toys for Peaceful Joys – expands on the outreach concept of Slippers for Peace to increase awareness of the psychological impact of toys that espouse violence and the opportunities that may arise when exchanging these toys for school supplies, educational toys, and slippers.
  • Mindanao Week of Peace (MWP) – raises peace consciousness among the Tri-People and provides a venue for expression of peace aspirations. APCI supports the MWP not only by partnering with the lead convenors in the implementation of city-wide activities but also by initiating events within the university.
  • Special Lectures, Symposiums, Fora, Talks (“Agora”) – seek to heighten consciousness of pressing peace issues and provide a venue for the ventilation of questions and opinions.

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