Volunteer Program

This program takes care of the training and formation of the student volunteer, faculty, and staff in promotion and propagation of values and principles necessary for “a life of dedicated service”. They serves as the concrete mechanism of actualizing and continuous training and formation. The program also provides venues for the volunteer to live-out these principles and develop a social conscience and in order to be agent of change in a culturally dynamic society.


The Program specifically aims to:

  1. develop the potentials of the faculty, staff, student volunteer and youth through training and formation programs in order to develop critical thinking, nurture social conscience, and instill values and principles responsive to the challenges of societal transformation;
  2. serve as a venue for volunteers and youth who wish to be of service to people in the school community as well as the outside community; and
  3. serve as a training ground for faculty, staff, students and volunteers who may opt for an alternative profession or a career in social development.


List of volunteers

Senior Volunteers
Name Course and Year
01 Brussett, Erwin A. BSN-IV
02 De Castro, Cinderella Lanka A. BSN-IV
03 Devero, Rina Clariz O. BSAC-IV
04 Enoy, Ronelyn G. BSED-IV
05 Fuentes, Divine B. BEED-IV
06 Ibbin, Mumar I. BSMC-III
07 Jaranilla, Youssry L. BSN-IV
08 Martinez, Sandralyn P. BSED-IV
09 Pajes, R. Linn Ninel I. BSAC-IV
10 Palma, Paula Jane M. BSAC-IV
11 Pata, Angelo Jr. S. BSAC-IV
12 Quinañola, Crystal Melodee B. BSAC-IV

Junior Volunteers
Name Course and Year
01 Abaton, Soraya Jann Fatima Fay N. BSPsych-III
02 Agsalud, Julie Faith M. BSN-III
03 Apolinario, Solover F. BSECE/BSCOE-IV
04 Bustamante, Jeanette D. BSAC-III
05 Cabilo, Mark Anthony M. BSECE-IV
06 Cardenas, Olivia L. BSN-III
07 Delgado, Airrish A. BSAC-IV
08 Enriquez, Angelo B. BSAC-IV
09 Espinosa, Larjane A. BSECE-IV
10 Flores, Hectmayr BSECE-IV
11 Francisco, Ma. Charlene G. BSN-III
12 Jacinto, Reyhen R. BSPsych-III
13 Jamil, Al-Ghabid L. BSMA-III
14 Jumala, Jo Irene T. BSAC-III
15 Kamlian, Ahmed-Adhiem B. BSPsych-IV
16 Magsayo, Juley Allene S. BSN-III
17 Perez, Ma. Kriscelle R. BSAC-IV
18 Ramirez, Aryan Deanna Marie E. BSAc-III
19 Retusto, Hazel C. BSAC-III
20 Suarez, Joseph Vincent S. BSMC-III
21 Villalon, Jonica T. BSAC-III

Aspirant Junior Volunteers
Name Course and Year
01 Borja, Krezcely B. BSECE-II
02 Carnacete, Danielle Angela O. BSAC-II
03 Collado, Marcelle S. BSAC-II
04 Dela Cruz, John Xyrious Q. BSAC-II
05 Deleña, Loren B. BSAC-II
06 Egos, Glinith Pauline R. BSAC-II
07 Fidel, Pjey G. BSBio-II
08 Fronda, Amanda Kay Celine C. BSN-II
09 Lim, Jamie Kane S. BSMA-II
10 Ong, Michael H. BSN-II
11 Sanson, Recs Angelo C. BSBA-II
12 Tortola, Krizel T. BSBio-II

New Volunteers
Name Course and Year
01 Andres, Jessa Marie BSAC-I
02 Berdin, Gianni Jouisse M. BSAC-I
03 Cananea, Franco Rivas M. BSAC-I
04 Dekit, Jovin Ian Timothy B. BSCS-I
05 Dela Cruz, Patricia Faith BSPSYCH-I
06 Gavia, John Rustom BSIT-I
07 Getalado, Amir Bin Omar S. BSIT`-I
08 Jimeno, Daryl Dela Cruz ABIS-I
09 Jumawan, Arjay P. BSAC-I
10 Manogura, Chelsea Jade C. BSMA-I
11 Ocampo, Ma. Melanna DL. ABIS-I
12 Ortega, Trisha C. BSAC-I
13 Ramos, Donna Mae B. BSCS-I
14 Ramos, Honey Rose M. BSPSYCH-I
15 Realiza, Feliche Mae M. BSN-I
16 Reyes, Dan Ryan S. BSPSYCH-I
17 Salazar, Mary Antonette R. BSMA-I
18 Sarigumba, James Patrick D. BSIT-I
19 Selisana, Jon Alvin M. BSN-I

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