Water System

The Program is implemented to address the problem of lack of access to potable water supply among rural poor communities, particularly those in the uplands. The program intervention consists of helping rural poor communities gain access to communal potable water facilities using appropriate, environmentally-friendly, and culturally-sensitive water tapping technology. Having a water system installed in the identified area will reduce the possibility of river bank soil erosion due to rampant diggings of residents along the river bank in order to find alternative source for drinking water. This will also increase vegetation in the area as access to water will no longer become a difficulty.
The project management sub-teams (training, maintenance, finance and the community core managers) shall be fully equipped of all knowledge, skills and orientation they need in order to manage and operate the project from day 1. They will be organized into an association within the project’s first year. On the third year, the responsibility and total management of the project shall be completely turned over to them. This association is viewed to possibly become part of the multi-purpose cooperative in the community as may be deemed feasible in the course of project implementation.

To date, this project runs in two Barangays – sitio Luuk in barangay Limpapa at west end of the city, and barangay Dulian-Upper Bunguiao, an interior upland area at east of the city.

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