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Being the first basic education unit to become co-educational (1984), ahead by eight years of High School, the Grade School was the first to experience the need for a bigger space for a growing student population. In the beginning, it dealt with the situation right in its homefront which was then in La Purisima. This gave rise to Berchmans Hall (1994) and Kostka Hall (2000).

Three is a crowd
But even with the new buildings, the Grade Schoolers still felt the need for more space in La Purisima, as they had to share the campus with the high schoolers and the college students. With the three (units)-in-one (campus) set-up, it was a crowd. The move to the Kreutz campus in Tumaga was then decided, for the Grade School to join the High School, thus, putting both units of Basic Education in one campus.

Aerial view of the Grade School complex
Powered in part by solar energy, with 155 solar panels installed on the rooftops of two of its buildings.

The Birth of the Grade School Complex
In July 30, 2013, the groundbreaking ceremonies to mark the start of the construction of the Grade School complex in Tumaga was held. After just a year and eight months, the complex, consisting of a main building with three wings and two smaller buildings, was completed on March 13, 2015; and blessed and dedicated to our Lady on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in June 13, 2015.

Facade/entrance of the Grade School Complex

The Environment-Friendly Design
With its design patterned after the green building concept characterized by maximum utilization of sunlight, fresh air, and green vegetation, the Grade School complex was laid out to be environmentally conducive for learning, and facilitative for the total formation of young students. Moreover, the complex is powered in part by solar energy. Installed on the rooftops of two of its buildings are 155 solar panels.

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Photos show the aerial view and façade of the Grade School complex, and the football field of Kreutz campus where the human formation shot was taken during the Grade School anti-bullying campaign (Credit: Frederick de Leon).