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(Non-thesis Program)
The Master of Arts in Education major in Elementary Education (MEED) program will help teachers and professionals acquire updated knowledge and skills necessary in developing and implementing instructional methods and materials designed to provide elementary pupils with meaningful learning experiences.

BASIC COURSES                                                               (12 UNITS)
Educ 500         Methods and Materials of Research———-3
Educ 501         Statistics in Education————————-3
Educ 502         Philosophy of Education———————–3
Educ 503         Values Education——————————3

MAJOR COURSES                                                             (27 UNITS)
MEED 225          Modern Trends and Directions in Curriculum and Instructions——————–3
MEED 226          Assessment and Evaluation of Learning————————————————-3
MEED 227          Psychology of Learning and Teaching—————————————————–3
MEED 228          Teaching Science in the Elementary School———————————————3
MEED 229          Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School————————————3
MEED 230          Teaching Language Arts in the Elementary School———————————–3
MEED 231          Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School————————————-3
MEED 232          Improvement of Reading in Elementary————————————————-3
MEED 233          Seminar——————————————————————————————3

ELECTIVE                                                                            (3 UNITS)
Any course offered by the School of Education
with the approval of the Graduate Program

Total Number of units:       42

Note:      All programs are with comprehensive examinations.