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The acronym “SACSI” in the Filipino language means “witness”. This is an apt description of what the office is all about. The office serves as a witness to the social realities of the larger society; and being so, convey the facts from the University of Life to the Ateneo academe to develop a sense of social commitment among the students, faculty and staff of our community for a just, humane and God-inspired society.

SACSI stands for Social Awareness and Community Service Involvement. This is the office within the university that serves as the link between the school and the outside communities to complement theories learned in the classroom with the actual realities of life.

As the social involvement arm of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, it is guided by the principles of academic excellence, socio-political maturity, and spiritual growth. Its primary concern is the holistic formation of the students – to be Men and Women of God, for others.



The Social Awareness and Community Service Involvement Office ( SACSI), as a social involvement arm of Ateneo de Zamboanga University, envisions persons living out the values if justice, equality and dedicated service, as men and women for others, in response to the challenges of a changing society.


SACSI is committed to:

  • Form highly responsive individuals upholding the principles of authentic humanism, faith that does justice, simplicity of lifestyle, peace and inter – faith dialogue as well as the values of service, integrity, care and sensitivity towards others;
  • Provide dynamic and up – to – date opportunities for social awareness, analysis, critical reflection, and active involvement of persons in social issues and current events.
  • Engage in pro- active and sustainable advocacy in response to crucial issues specific to human rights ( i.e. children, youth and women), environment, peace and development;
  • Serve as a prime mover and leading resource center in the advocacy of and mobilization on critical issues that affect the city, the region and the nation.



The First-Year Formation Program (FFP) complements the academic and intellectual growth of the students with other areas of formation: psycho-social, emotional and spiritual. The National Service Training Program (NSTP), on the other hand, enhances the youth’s civic consciousness, defense preparedness and active contribution to the general welfare by developing the ethics of service and patriotism while undergoing training in any of its program components.


This program is designed to train students to become trainers of literacy and numeracy skills to school children, out-of-school youth and other segments of society in need of their service.

This program is designed to contribute to the general welfare and the betterment of life for members of the community or the enhancement of its facilities, especially those devoted to improving health, education, environment, entrepreneurship, safety, recreation and morale of the citizenry and other social services.

1. Tutorials
.2  Environment 
3  Health
4. Adopt a Baranggay


  • The promotion of respects for human rights, specifically of gender and children’s rights.
  • The promotion of transparency and accountability in socio-political concerns
  • The promotion and strengthening of engaged citizenship
  • The promotion and strengthening of the spirit of volunteerism for social development
  • The promotion and support of efforts aimed at protection and preservation of natural resources
  • The Cultivation of a Culture of Involvement in Social Action in the University



The Program on Environment of the Social Awareness and Community Service Involvement Office spring from the idea that people must stop, look, and listen to the social realities that disrupt the normal flow of the Environment. It was developed as an effort to inform the people of the indispensable function of everything in the Environment in the hope that they would become people with utmost respect to the sacredness of creation, always putting forward the idea of equitable distribution of resources.


Program Overview

This program takes care of the training and formation of the student volunteers (SACSI Volunteers, Gender Volunteers, NSTP Facilitators and Ecowatch Volunteers), faculty, and staff in promotion and propagation of values and principles necessary for “a life of dedicated service”. They serve as the concrete mechanism of actualizing and continuous training and formation. The program also provides venues for the volunteer to live-out these principles and develop a social conscience and in order to be agents of change in a culturally dynamic society.