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The Ateneo de Zamboanga University seal reflects the mission of the school.

Surrounding the upper half of the seal is the school motto:

“PRO DEO ET PATRIA” — IN THE SERVICE OF GOD AND COUNTRY. The school’s mission is to produce men and women for others, men and women for the service of God and country. And on the bottom, surrounding the seal, is the name of the school, the ATENEO DE ZAMBOANGA which was founded in 1912.

In the circular field is the shield. The red and yellow stripes are derived from the coat of arms of the family of Oñaz, the maternal line of St. Ignatius. In the center are two wolves and a food pot. These are of the medallion of the family of Loyola, the Paternal Line of St. Ignatius of Loyola. This medallion stands for the generosity for which the house of Loyola was well known. The cross on the upper right portion of the shield symbolizes the Christian character of the Ateneo. While the vinta indicates the various cultural communities of the South Western Philippines where the school is located. On th bottom left are the book and torch, traditional symbols of education.

Above the shield is the glorious sunburst, the monogram of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) — IHS surmounted by the cross and below are three nails. The “IHS” are the first letters of the name of Jesus in Greek. Emanating from the name of Jesus are the Blue and white rays that signify his gifts and grace for all.

Click here to download the school seal.