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Looking back with gratitude to all the Jesuits and lay partners who have built Ateneo de Zamboanga University since 1912looking around and seeing opportunities and challenges in the face of poverty, conflict, globalization and climate change; and looking forward with hope in the collective energy of our people and inspired by the Ignatian spirit of mission to the world, we commit ourselves to this vision and mission.


We share a spiritual vision of a new Mindanao — diverse communities enjoying peace based on healing and justice, and sustaining a development that nurtures faith, culture and environment, a Mindanao fully integrated in a country that is governed with integrity, providing total human security especially to the poor and the hungry, as it engages in local and global solidarity: a new Mindanao at the heart of a new Philippines.


Ateneo de Zamboanga University realizes this vision by its twofold mission of (1) advancing leadership education and (2) advocating social transformation, always drawing out from the best of our Filipino, Catholic and Jesuit tradition:

• Filipino in the promotion of a deep love of country, as expressed in active citizenship, creative entrepreneurship, and cultural and ecological stewardship of all the nation’s tangible and intangible heritage, with a special dedication to the wellbeing of island Mindanao;

• Catholic in the profession of faith in the God of Jesus Christ, who reveals himself in the wonders of creation, in the history of salvation, in his word and sacrament, in the struggle for liberation, in devotion to Mary, in communion with the Church and friendship among all peoples of dialogue; and

• Jesuit in the propagation of a profound sense of finding God in all things, manifested in the development of arts and sciences, of business and industry, of law and philosophy; a zeal for both action and contemplation; a passion for the frontiers of humanity’s search for justice, peace and harmony with all of creation.